SEQ Rogainer of the Year

Standings after the completion of the Dodge the Divide Rogaine 9/9/17:



As a way of adding interest and spice to Rogaining Queensland’s SEQ events programme in 2017 we are pleased to announce the SEQ Rogainer of the Year series. This system will be trialled in 2017 and, based on feedback received, adjusted as appropriate for 2018 and beyond.

Details of the points system can be found here and are summarised below:

    • Points are available from all Rogaining Queensland SE Qld events
    • Points are awarded to individuals, not teams, so you can have different teammates for different events
    • A Member’s best 50 hours of rogaining competition/volunteering count towards their annual score – Thus the more events you do the better you are likely to score
    • Your score from any specific event is based on your result in that event – Scores from each event are “normalised” to reduce the distortion of the winning team getting double the 2nd team’s score or similar
    • The score available from any event is based on the event’s duration – Thus the points available from a 24hr event is 8 times the points available from a 3hr event etc
    • If a Member cannot compete in an event due to their involvement in organising that event then they get points for that event based on the event’s duration at the points/hour rate of their best competitive event during the series – Thus you would normally score better by volunteering than by competing. A maximum of 24 hours of “Volunteer points” are available to any Member in a series.
  • The Female and Male SEQ Rogainer of the Year will be named at the end of the series. For 2017 the prize will simply be the honour and glory but if the concept is embraced by the Members then we will look at something more significant in subsequent years

For more information please contact Richard Robinson