About Rogaining Queensland and QRA

Rogaining Queensland is a collaboration between the Queensland Rogaine Association and Raid Adventures, working together to provide a full calendar of rogaine-format adventure strategy events in South East Queensland and North Queensland.

About QRA

The Queensland Rogaine Association was established in 1994 as a non-profit association run by volunteers to organise rogaines and promote rogaining. The association has grown over the years and we now have more than 1000 people participating in our events each year. The QRA Constitution contains the rules and laws of the association.

About Raid Adventures

Raid Adventures is a commercial operation run by Liam St Pierre, with a focus on organising rogaine-format multi-discipline events. Liam is an keen rogainer and adventure racer himself and Raid Adventures seeks to deliver high quality events at the lowest possible cost for participants. For more details on the people and philosophy behind their events, visit their website.

QRA Membership

Starting in 2018, QRA membership fees will not be levied. An individual automatically becomes a member of the Association by participating in a QRA event.

Insurance Information

QRA is covered by public liability insurance that has been taken out by the Australian Rogaining Association. A copy of the insurance policy is available on the Insurance Documents page of the ARA website. The officials of QRA are also covered by Director’s insurance to ensure that they are not held personally liable for financial issues relating to QRA. Individual participants are however not covered for personal injury at events. If you have any questions or comments, contact the QRA Secretary.

Volunteer Resources

Check out this page for useful information, forms and templates.

Rules of Rogaining

Please familiarise yourself with the ARA Technical Regulations before entering our events. Note that dogs are not permitted at our events without the express permission of the event organiser.

Event Protests and Disputes

In accordance with ARA Technical Regulations T19, any report of an alleged rule breach by a team, or protest by a team against the organisation of an event shall be considered and determined by a three person jury prior to the announcement of the results for that event. The jury shall be drawn from the current QRA committee, subject to T19 criteria i), ii) and iii)
In the event of a dispute not covered by the ARA Technical Regulations, the QRA Dispute Resolution Procedure is to be applied.

QRA Association Information

ABN: 53 329 568 683
IAN: IA15467