SEQ Bulletin – December 2017

Exciting Changes Taking Place for 2018 – the ‘Rogaining Queensland’ Partnership

Following the great success and popularity of the QRA ‘Raid’ events over the last 8 years, Liam St Pierre has decided that he would like to dedicate more of his time to building up these multi-discipline events and has therefore established ‘Raid Adventures‘ to focus on delivering these events (together with the other ‘Raid’ event directors) on a more commercial basis. The fees for these events will still be lower than the typical commercial adventure race and will still rely heavily on volunteers to do a lot of the work. QRA and Raid Adventures have agreed to continue our cooperation on volunteer resourcing, event calendar planning and equipment usage, in a new partnership to be known as ‘Rogaining Queensland’. QRA will continue to operate as it always has (a not-for-profit association run entirely by volunteers) and will continue to organise our traditional foot rogaining events, plus occasional multi-discipline ‘paddlegaines’, ‘cyclegaines’, etc.
We have launched a new website this week which features the combined 2018 Rogaining Queensland Event Calendar made up of both QRA and Raid Adventures events. The Rogaining Queensland Volunteer Rewards system remains very much the same as it has operated in previous years – if you volunteer at a QRA or Raid Adventures event (and give up the ability to compete at that event), you can earn a $50 credit towards entry in another QRA or Raid Adventures event within the following 12 months.
Got questions? Please feel free to email me or Liam.

New Website Launch!
Please check out the new Rogaining Queensland website and let me know if you have any suggestions for improvements. We will be adding additional functionality and a new event entry system shortly.

No QRA Membership Fees from 2018 onwards
Starting in 2018, QRA membership fees will not be levied. An individual automatically becomes a member of the Association by participating in a QRA event. The Committee believes this will reduce administration effort and also removes a potential barrier for novice rogainers.

The 2018 Australasian Rogaining Championships
The event website is now live, and we will shortly be announcing the event location. Please check out the new website and let me know if you have any suggestions. We are very excited about this event coming to our neck of the woods and we expect it to be the biggest rogaine ever held in South East Queensland. The previous record was set the last time the Australian Champs came to SEQ in 2005, with 396 competitors in total. Get the dates in your calendar, and spread the word! Remember, this event isn’t just for elites, it’s a celebration of all things rogaining and open to all.
We’re also keen to recruit more volunteers to join the organising team, so please check out the volunteering page and get in touch if you can help!

Rogue Raid Entries
The 24 hour edition of the Rogue Raid is now fully subscribed, but if you missed out you can put yourself on a waitlist here. You can also enter the 6 hour Rogue event. Entries are also now open for the Colts Academy and Colts Raid. Entries in the Bayside Paddlegaine will be opening soon.

Sunny Coast Scramble Wrap-up
The Metrogaine that was held in October was a great success, with lots of newbies and families enjoying the coastal scenery and sunny weather. Big thanks to Adam and Katina for their efforts organising an event for the first time, they did a great job. Full results are available on the website.

Oxley Creek Clean-up Event Wrap-up
With only 8 people registered for the Oxley Creek Clean-Up Day just 10 days before the event we were at risk of having to cancel. But the “call to arms” worked wonders and we had 26 willing volunteers turn up on the day. Each team of 2 (well actually there were also 2 teams of 4 also) were assigned a section of the creek and given a map, with 1 team assigned to take their large canoe from one end to the other and back and collect full bags of rubbish from the other teams.
The recent rain meant that a significant portion of the rubbish had been flushed out of the creek, particularly the lower reaches, but we still had enough to fill 4 wheelie bins plus some large plastic items too big for any available bin. After 3 hours it was all done and the happy faced throng feasted on pizza and asked when we will be doing it again.
We know that rubbish will accumulate in the creek again over the coming months but just for the moment this very remote feeling waterway in the middle of the city is looking pretty pristine. Everyone should go for a paddle along there in the next week or two to enjoy it. My sincere thanks to everyone who volunteered for your support for this initiative.
 – Richard Robinson on behalf of QRA

Urban Raid 
The Urban Raid was another big success this year, with a huge turnout for 3 hours of fun in the CBD. Read about the event and the results on the Raid Adventures website.

2018 Calendar
The QRA event calendar for 2018 is available on the website.
Now is also a great time to think about which events you might be able to volunteer to help QRA. Can’t make a particular event weekend? There are plenty of ways you can help us make the event happen, get some training done and have a lot of fun at the same time.

… plus more excitement ahead …
Got your 2019 calendar handy? Start getting excited about the Raid100! Australia’s first expedition-length, rogaine-format adventure race.

SEQ Rogainer of the Year Competition
For 2017 QRA has introduced a Rogainer of the Year points series covering all SEQ events. Liam St Pierre and Kim Beckinsale are officially our two winners this year, and will be presented with (rather modest) prizes at an event in early 2018. Congratulations! Full results will be updated on the website shortly.

Call for Volunteers!
The rogaining association and all QRA events are run entirely by volunteers. We actually need all QRA members to volunteer some time each year to sustain the sport. If you are interested in organising or assisting in running a rogaine please get in touch, it’s a fantastic opportunity to explore Queensland and practice your nav all while giving back to the organisation.
The Rogaining Queensland Event Calendar is available at The volunteer page on the website has a description of each of the event volunteer roles. Please send an email to to put your hand up. It’s a lot of fun, you learn heaps about rogaining and we have many experienced hands to support you.
There are also vacancies on the QRA committee. The Land Access Coordinator and Health and Safety Officer positions are vacant and we always welcome general committee member nominations too. If you have any interest in a particular role please get in touch via

Volunteer Rewards Policy
Volunteers at QRA or Raid Adventures events who have contributed at least a full day to an event and have given up their opportunity to compete are offered a $50 credit towards entry in a QRA or Raid Adventures event of their choosing within the following 12 months. A list of people who have earned rewards is on the website. The reward can be claimed by emailing the website administrators ( when entering an event.

Rogaining around the world…

There will be no World Rogaining Championships in 2018. The 2019 event has been awarded to Spain, and the event website is now available. The 2020 event has been awarded to the USA.

World Rogaining Championship Frequency
From 2020 onwards, the World Rogaining Championships will be held every second year. The Australian Rogaining Association has been lobbying for this change for many years, due to its strong view that annual WRCs are too frequent for most Australians to be able to afford to attend. The resultant “regionalisation” has reduce the value of the WRC, so as to not fulfil its role as per the IRF Strategic Plan: “to attract the qualified elite competitors from all member nations and beyond”. The ARA’s policy has been driven by its member states and submissions from our elite rogainers.
Now that we’ve achieved this change, we’d like to encourage you all to consider travelling to compete in the World Championships in coming years as much as possible so that we can ensure that it is a truly representative World Championship and we can sustain the quality and viability of the event in the long term.

…and across Australia…
A list of upcoming interstate rogaines can be found at

Rogaining Stories
We’re always keen to hear from QRA members about your rogaining or other outdoor experiences. Please share your stories by posting on the wall of the official QRA Facebook page. Don’t forget to ‘like’ our Facebook page. If you don’t have access to these sites and would like to share some news, send it to and we will post it.

Hope to see you at a QRA event, soon.
Paul Guard
QRA President

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