Rogaining Event Entries – Setting Up an Event

Step 1: Obtain a login to the Cognito Forms system and log in

To obtain a login to the system please send a request to

Step 2: Copy an existing form or the ‘Event Entry Template’

Step 3: Choose the correct folder for the new form (your state/territory association)

Step 4: Change the event details in the ‘Event Setup’ area. The default template is set up to allow two course durations (e.g. 6 hour / 12 hour). Change the data in each field by clicking on the box and changing the ‘Default Value’.

Step 5: Provide names for each of the course options in the ‘Event’ field

Step 6: Adjust payment and email destinations

This step is only needed if you are copying a generic template and not one of your existing forms.
Choose the ‘Payment’ area down the bottom of the form. Then click the ‘Account’ field on the left. Choose one of the existing accounts, or to set up a new destination account for payments, choose ‘Add Account’. Stripe is the most cost-effective option, and it is very easy to set up a new Stripe account if your association does not already have one. Received funds clear automatically into your account each day, and refunds (full or partial) can be managed in your Stripe account.
If you are setting up a form from a template you will also want to change the destination of the notification emails that are sent when new entries are received and when changes to teams are made. You can do this by clicking on the ‘Submit’ area and clicking on ‘Notification Emails’. Replace with your preferred email address.

Step 7: Preview the form

Step 8: Copy and paste the URLs from the form preview into the relevant places in your event entry page

The URLs will have the pattern shown below, where XX is the form number and is the URL of your event entry page.

New team entry link:

Link for existing teams to make changes to their entry:

Team list link:

NOTE: If you want to customise a template, add custom questions or modify any other parts of the form, please get in touch with me at to get advice on the best way to achieve your aims. The back end of the entry system requires the use of specific field names to store data correctly, so some care is required when making changes.

Step 9: Event data downloads

When you need to download your entry data prior to the event, go to this URL, replacing ‘QRA’ with your association name and ‘2019’ with the year of interest:

A number of different formats are available. Note that you will need to supply the admin password that you set up in the form to download the ‘Entrant Details’ option (contains personal information such as dates of birth, email addresses etc)

IMPORTANT NOTE: Do not use the Cognito Forms system for downloading entry data or editing entries. The Cognito Forms system is only used to design the forms, and the forms are then used to send the data to the website database. All entry data must be edited and downloaded via the ‘Change Entry’ form and the ‘Event Administration’ page. For complex team changes, contact for help.