Mermaid T(r)ail 8hr Rogaine

8 hour rogaine
Date: 22 May 2021
Time: 12pm to 8pm, map handout at 10am
Location: Lake Manchester
Team Size: Teams of 2 to 5
Gender Categories: Mixed, Male and Female Teams
Age Classes: U23, Open, Veteran (all 40+), Super Veteran (all 55+)
plus Family and Novice categories
Cost: $45 Regular, $35 Student Concession, Free for U14s
Organising team:  QRA volunteers

Volunteer Roles

This event is run entirely by volunteers, and entries will not open until the organiser is satisfied that we have enough helpers. As a general rule, if you’ve done more than five events without giving up the chance to compete and volunteering, it’s time to put up your hand. Or perhaps you have some family members who can help out, while you compete? This table shows the roles we need help with and the kind volunteers who have already put up their hands. If you can help out, or have family members who can, please email You could earn a Volunteer Reward, and some roles will still allow you to compete in the event.

Event Mentor Adam Power    
Organiser Kerry Power & Hubertien Wichers    
Land Liaison Hubertien Wichers    
Setters Kerry Power  
Vetters & Hangers Needed Needed
Admin Needed Needed  
Map Kerry Power    
NavLight Needed  
Hash House Local Community Group (TBD)    
Logistics Needed Needed  
Water & Safety Needed    
Control Collection All Participants Should Contribute Needed   


The Qld Rogaine Association invites you to our annual 8hr Rogaine event.

Our 8 hour event is very popular with beginner rogainers, and is suitable for people of all ages and abilities. Celebrate the start of winter with an energetic day out with friends or family while sharpening up your navigation and route planning skills.

Teams of 2-5 people navigate on foot between checkpoints within an 8 hour period with the aim to score as many points as possible in the allocated time. Organise your team and come along for a day of fun.

Find a Team

If you need to find a partner/team for the event, try this page.


If you have any questions about the event please contact the organiser Kerry by email.