Brisbane CBD Photo Hunt

Download the Event Flyer

What is it?

This event is a novelty event intended to test your powers of observation as well as encourage you to look up and down and all around you as you explore the city streets and laneways.
So come along to discover what we have around us and what you may walk past everyday but never notice!

How does it work?

You will be handed a map and a bunch of photos of objects around the CBD—your challenge will be to find as many of the objects as you can within 3 hours.
The locations will NOT be marked on your map—you need to find them.
You will score points for each location found. There will be three categories of photos :-
– Easy 10 Points
– Medium 20 Points
– Hard 30 Points
To prove that you have found an object, you will need to answer a multiple choice question at each location.
Objects to locate will encompass Architecture, Artwork, History, Oddities

Who is it for?

The event will be suitable for all ages and fitness levels—it will be suitable for wheelchairs, prams and families.
Teams can walk as far as they want—or come back before 3 hours if they want—or run and try to find them all. It is completely up to each team how they want to participate.

The Details:
Date: Sunday 24th November
Time: 9:00am to 12:00 midday
Start / Finish: Post Office Square—right opposite GPO
Area: Approx between Alice st, Makerston st / Wickham Tce and Brisbane river
Cost: $25 per team
Close: Friday 22nd November
Enquiries:  Paul Frylink   0403071847

Entries have now closed. Information is being sent out to all teams by email.