Krankin’ Round Killarney Cyclegaine

Date: 17 September 2022 (New Date)
Length: 3 and 6hr cyclegaine
6hr 11am start (map handout 10am)
3hr 1:30pm start (map handout 12:30pm)
Cost: $25 per adult for the 3hr or 6hr Cyclegaine without dinner
$50 per adult for the 3hr or 6hr Cyclegaine with dinner
$10 per adult for camping, $10pp for breakfast, $10 for mapboard hire
Location: Killarney
Team Size: Teams of 2 to 5
Categories: Mixed, Male and Female Teams
Age Classes: U23, Open, Veteran (all 40+), Super Veteran (all 55+)
plus Family and Novice categories
Organising team: QRA volunteers
Admin contact:  Craig Steffens

Volunteer Roles

This event is run entirely by volunteers, and entries will not open until the organiser is satisfied that we have enough helpers. As a general rule, if you’ve done more than five events without giving up the chance to compete and volunteering, it’s time to put up your hand. Or perhaps you have some family members who can help out, while you compete? This table shows the roles we need help with and the kind volunteers who have already put up their hands. If you can help out, or have family members who can, please email You could earn a Volunteer Reward, and some roles will still allow you to compete in the event.

Event mentor NA    
Organiser Gavin Blissner Susie Blissner  
Land Liaison Susie Blissner    
Setters Gavin Blissner    
Vetters & Hangers      
Admin Susie Blissner    
Map Craig Steffens    
NavLight Needed    
Catering Megan and Chris    
Water & Safety Craig Steffens    
Control Collection All Participants Should Contribute    


The Queensland Rogaine Association invites you to join our 3/6hr cyclegaine event.

Download the flyer (note – date is wrong due to postponement)

Riders looking for a challenge under some big open skies will enjoy the wide open farmlands around Killarney, near Warwick on the Darling Downs. Whilst the course avoids the more mountainous areas of the dividing range, there are still one of two ‘high points’ climbs to attack! In-fact, the topography and surfaces will be eminently suited to gravel bikes with a mixture of sealed roads, unsealed roads and rough tracks. There’ll be some big points to chase and some big distances to cover for attempting to clear the course. Pass by fields of spuds and grains, spot agricultural machine from yesteryear and well as some futuristic models and all manner of domesticated and wild critters along the way.

We’ll be setting up the event centre at the Killarney showgrounds, where you can camp and enjoy dinner and breakfast (pre-bookings only). The dinner on Saturday night will include Soup (2 options, 1 x vegetarian), Main (Beef & Chicken) with rice/bread roll, Vegetarian option (1 choice), Dessert with custard/Baked mini cheesecakes, Tea & Coffee. The optional breakfast is Bacon & Egg Burgers (vegetarian burger), Tea & Coffee and juice. Most menu items are G.F.

You can hire a mapboard  as you enter and MIRY mapboards will be available for purchase on the day.

Entries are now open, so assemble your team!

Killarney Sprints MTB Orienteering

Sunday 18th September

After the long distance of Saturday why not try a sprint length event around the quiet streets of Killarney. The MTBO Club will have 3 line courses and a scatter course set-up to try your urban bike nav. You can ride solo, with your cyclegaine team or in a family group. Winning time will be around 25-30min, so you’ll have plenty of time to enjoy the Killarney sights after that. 

Enter here:

Here are a few photos to whet your appetite:

Find a Team

If you need to find a partner/team for the event, try this page, or post on the Adventure Racing and Rogaining Qld Facebook Group.


Entries are now closed. For late entry queries, contact Craig at 0418 891 193.