QRA Paddlegaine

Length: 4 hours
Date:  Saturday 10 Feb 2024
Time:  Map handout 7:30am, event start 8:30am, event finish 12:30pm
Location: Victoria Point
Team Size:  Teams of 2 (limited to 50 teams)
Kayaks: Spirit CTR double kayaks supplied by Navis Outdoors
Categories: Mixed, Male and Female Teams
Class: Junior, Open, Veteran, Super Veteran
Cost: $80 Regular, $70 Student Concession, $10 Under 14s
Organising team: Adam Power and other QRA volunteers

Email queries: adam@navisoutdoors.com.au

Final Instructions

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Volunteer Roles

This event is run entirely by volunteers, and entries will not open until the organiser is satisfied that we have enough helpers. As a general rule, if you’ve done more than five events without giving up the chance to compete and volunteering, it’s time to put up your hand. Or perhaps you have some family members who can help out, while you compete? This table shows the roles we need help with and the kind volunteers who have already put up their hands. If you can help out, or have family members who can, please email volunteer@qldrogaine.asn.au. You could earn a Volunteer Reward, and some roles will still allow you to compete in the event.

Organiser Adam Power
Permits Adam Power
Setters Adam Power
Vetters & Hangers Adam Woods Kylie and Rod Bevan
Admin Kerry Power Kylie and Rod Bevan Rachael Christie
Map Adam Power
NavLight NA
Hash House TBA
Logistics – Kayak handling Help Needed from all participants
Safety Boat, First Aid Needed
Control Collection All Participants


The 2024 Rogaining Queensland season opener!

The Paddlegaine will once again be making use of the stunning coastal regions of the great south-east.  A race against the clock, spend up to 4 hours paddling through coastal areas (with just enough trekking or running to stretch your legs!), all the while hunting down checkpoints.

What? A race where teams of 2 compete to collect as many check points as possible in up to 4 hours while kayaking, navigating with map and compass.  The beauty of the rogaine format is you can choose to spend as much time on the course as you wish (up to 4 hours) … 15 minutes or 4 hours, it is up to you!


Entries are now closed.