The PreRogueative – 2022 Edition

Multi-discipline rogaine, or foot-only if you prefer.
Date: 26-27 Feb 2022
18hr PreRogueative (hike, optional packraft, bike): Map handout 10am, start 12pm Saturday, finish 6am Sunday
12hr Rogaine (hike only): Map handout 10am, start 12pm noon on Saturday, finish at midnight.
Location: Sundown National Park
Team Size: Teams of 2 to 5
Gender Categories: Mixed, Male and Female Teams
Age Classes: U23, Open, Veteran (all 40+), Super Veteran (all 55+)
plus Family and Novice categories
Cost: $60 per adult, $50 student concession, $10 Under 14s
Includes camping Saturday night, waterproof map, breakfast on Sunday
Organising team:  Paul Guard, Mark Wilson and other QRA volunteers
Admin contact: Paul Guard

Final Instructions with full event information will be sent out on the Wednesday night before the event after entries have closed.

Volunteer Roles

This event is run entirely by volunteers, and entries will not open until the organiser is satisfied that we have enough helpers. As a general rule, if you’ve done more than five events without giving up the chance to compete and volunteering, it’s time to put up your hand. Or perhaps you have some family members who can help out, while you compete? This table shows the roles we need help with and the kind volunteers who have already put up their hands. If you can help out, or have family members who can, please email You could earn a Volunteer Reward, and some roles will still allow you to compete in the event.

Event MentorNA
OrganiserPaul Guard and Mark Wilson
Land LiaisonPaul Guard
SetterMark Wilson
Vetter Paul Guard
AdminJan Leverton
MapMark Wilson
Hash HousePaul and Mark
LogisticsSean Henderson
SafetyJill and Steve Myatt, Neil Tahi
Control CollectionNA


The Qld Rogaine Association is excited to present The PreRogueative – a multi-discipline rogaine incorporating hiking, mountain biking and packrafting (optional). This event is specially designed for teams that are training for the Raid 100 (see, but all teams with sufficient experience are invited to enter. It is a replacement for the ‘upside down’ event in the QRA calendar, but those who love the foot-only format will be able to do the event as a 12-hour foot rogaine if desired.

The event will use the ‘MapRun’ smartphone application to record your visits to checkpoint sites. No markers have been hung – you will know you have reached the correct CP location when your phone beeps. The course setters have checked that this method works well in this area with the event map.

Download the latest version of MapRun6 here:
Google Play:…
Apple App Store:
NOTE: If you have older versions of MapRun (named ‘MapRun’ or ‘MapRunF’) please upgrade to MapRun6.
You will need to put your phone in Flight Mode during the event. Some phones may not have sufficient battery life to last the whole event, it is recommended to carry a powerbank to provide a backup power source if needed (particularly for 18hr teams). The course setters found that running Maprun6 for 18hrs in flight mode used up about 60% of the phone’s battery on a Pixel 6. It is also possible to use a Garmin watch running MaprunG to record your score (a Fenix 6 Pro was also tested and had about 30% battery remaining after 18 hours).

Teams of 2-5 people navigate on foot between checkpoints within a 12 or 18 hour period with the aim to score as many points as possible in the allocated time. This event is aimed at teams with some rogaining experience – you should be competent at night navigation in remote areas and for those interested in packrafting you need to be a competent paddler. We will be asking all teams to carry a PLB (or ‘Garmin Inreach’ or equivalent) to enable emergency messaging. Although it is easy to navigate out of the area if lost, it is very remote and retrieval of injured participants would be challenging.

Your entry includes camping on Saturday night, with toilets available. You can pay $10 per additional adult when you enter if you have others in your group who want to camp overnight while you compete (the campsite is a great place for kids, too). You can also pay $10 per adult to camp on Friday night, if you’d like more time to explore the area. The camping area is on private land to the north-east of the National Park. It is a 3 hour drive from Brisbane, and 10 minutes from Ballandean. The campsite is accessible to 2WDs. Dogs are permitted at the campsite provided they are kept on a leash. There will be a communal campfire.

The area is spectacular, and if the river level allows for packrafting it is a great place to hone your skills. Here are a few photos to whet your appetite:

Event Format

18hr PreRogueative:

  • Start midday Saturday. Map handout 10am.
  • Stage 1: Trek and optional Packraft. You can spend as much of the 18hrs as you like on this stage. Packrafting is only permitted in daylight hours.
  • Stage 2: Mountain bike. This is not expected to need more than 6hrs to clear. The riding is mostly on sealed and unsealed minor roads.
  • Finish by 6am Sunday.
  • Post-event breakfast.

12hr Rogaine:

  • Map handout 10am Saturday, start 12pm Saturday, finish at midnight. All on foot.
  • Post-event breakfast.

What You Need

Mandatory equipment for both events (18hr PreRogueative and 12hr Rogaine):

  • Whistle.
  • Headlamp and spare batteries.
  • Mobile phone suitably water-proofed, and capable of running MapRun6. A powerbank is recommended to ensure that your battery will last. It is recommended to carry one phone per teammate for redundancy.
  • Space blanket and emergency base layer or jacket (to keep warm if you’re incapacitated).
  • First-aid kit including snake bite bandage.

Other required items for both events:

  • A PLB or satellite communicator per team is strongly recommended for this event (and any time you are out in the wilderness).
    PLBs provide emergency-only one-way communication to rescue authorities and do not require subscription fees:
    Satellite communicators have messaging functions as well as emergency communication (e.g. SPOT or Garmin Inreach) and require subscription fees:
  • Day pack with toilet paper, toilet trowel, water (minimum of 3 litres recommended).
  • Compass, a watch (non GPS).
  • Sunscreen.
  • Water for your own use before, during and after the event.
  • Purification tablets. No water stops have been put out due to the rugged terrain, you will need to use river/creek water.
  • Food for Saturday lunch (and Friday night dinner/Saturday breakfast if applicable) plus energy foods to munch on during the event.
  • Comfortable non-smelly clothes to change into afterwards.
  • Walking gear – long pants, loose fitting cotton shirt, hat, gaiters, comfortable walking shoes. Full body cover is recommended.
  • Map equipment – biros, highlighting pens, measuring string or digital map measurer, contact or map case if you want to reinforce the waterproof paper.
  • Camping and sleeping gear, in case of withdrawal.
  • Eating utensils (plate, bowl, cup, knife, fork & spoon), plus a tea towel.
  • Folding chair and table (for map preparation and eating, relaxing after the event).

Additional required items for the PreRogueative 18hr event:

  • Mountain bike.
  • Helmet. Must meet Australian standards.
  • White front light. To be on at all times when riding at night. Headlamp is sufficient.
  • Red rear light. To be on at all times when riding, day or night.
  • Not allowed: cycle computers.

Additional required items for the PreRogueative 18hr event, if your team wants to do any packrafting:

  • Packraft. Carrying capacity as per design specifications (eg one person per single, two people per double). Includes inflation device and puncture repair kit. See additional information below.
  • PFD, Type 2 or better. To be worn at all times while paddling.
  • Paddle.
  • Helmet, to be worn while packrafting. Bike helmet sufficient.

Packrafts (Optional, for the 18hr PreRogueative)

Packrafting is entirely optional, and may not be possible at the event depending on river levels. Advice will be provided to entrants on the Friday before the event on likely conditions. After completing the packrafting, teams will need to hike the rest of the trek leg with all of your packrafting gear.

Teams that do want to packraft will need to supply their own raft(s), the information below is sourced from the Raid100 course notes.

For those new to packrafting, the options include to borrow, hire, build or purchase. 

Hire Options

Purchase Options

Build Your Own

Additional information from this Rogue Adventure article back in 2016 might also be helpful, although some of it is now outdated.

Find a Team

If you need to find a partner/team for the event, try this page.


Entries are now closed.