Event Result History

Here is a list of event results for David Hudson:

Event Name Date Course Teammate Name(s) Score Category Placings
Mojo Rogue Adventuregaine 2015-08-22 Course 06MS Mardelle Hudson
1060 Overall: 37
MO: 18
Pushing Up Daisy 2015-03-07 Course 08US Mardelle Hudson
350 Overall: 53
XO: 15
Noble Knight Nav 2013-02-23 Course 08US Mardelle Hudson
80 Overall: 49
XO: 19
Mt Coottha Night Nav 2012-02-11 Course 8HR Mardelle Hudson
Kristy Wild
Tracey Hudson and Fleur Lankesheer
200 Overall: 67
XO: 25
QB Right Royal Rogaine 2011-06-11 Course 06FT5 Paul Duplancic
Christine Gillen
Mardelle Hudson
370 Overall: 30
XO: 17