Event Result History

Here is a list of event results for Henry Beex:

Event Name Date Course Teammate Name(s) Score Category Placings
34th Australian Rogaining Championships 2013-06-23 Atherton Tableland, Mareeba, Nth Qld Mark Struthers
Annette Windross
Dennis Litt
1880 Overall: 27
X: 8
XV: 6
33rd Australian Rogaining Championships 2012-05-06 Land of the Oratunga, Flinders Ranges, SA Mark Struthers
Annette Windross
Dennis Litt
1400 Overall: 41
X: 14
XV: 5
27th Australian Rogaining Championship 2006-05-14 Barklys Hope – St Arnaud, Victoria Mark Struthers
Dennis Litt
1990 Overall: 25
M: 18
MV: 12
26th Australian Rogaining Championships 2005-05-22 Over The Border, Cherrabah, Queensland Mark Struthers
Denis Litt
2600 Overall: 22
MO: 19
MV: 10
25th Australian Rogaining Championships 2004-07-04 The Black Hill, Flinders Ranges, South Australia Denis Litt
Mark Struthers
1370 Overall: 44
M: 29
MV: 12