Event Result History

Here is a list of event results for Hugh Stodart:

Event Name Date Course Teammate Name(s) Score Category Placings
Rogue Raid 2021 2021-05-08 Course 24 hour 4 person team Myall Quint
Josh Street
Shelly Bambrook
1960 Overall: 2
XO: 2
40th Australian Rogaining Championships 2019-11-10 Binalong Day and Night, St Helens, Tas Bernadette Dornom
Alison McLachlan
3030 Overall: 5
XO: 2
2018 Rogue Raid 2018-05-05 Course 24h Leo Theoharis
Josh Street
Bernadette Dornom
2760 Overall: 4
XO: 4
31st Australian Rogaining Championships 2010-03-28 Snowy Mountains, Providence Portal, ACT Richard Mountstephens
Chris Thompson
2660 Overall: 10
M: 9