Event Result History

Here is a list of event results for Matthew Routley:

Event Name Date Course Teammate Name(s) Score Category Placings
Hurley Burleigh Metrogaine 2022-07-24 Course 3hr Hamish Routley
450 Overall: 8
Granite Belt Duet 3/6hr Foot Rogaine 2020-11-07 Course 6hr Rogaine Gareth Routley
220 Overall: 63
M: 18
F: 10
39th Australian Rogaining Championships 2018-08-26 Course SunSEQer ARC Ross Mckinnon
M: –
MV: –
Rock Around the Glen 2017-05-27 Course 08FT Ross McKinnon
Levi McKinnon
Gareth Routley
290 Overall: 54
MO: 21
Red Deer Dash 2015-09-19 Course 06FT Ross McKinnon
Brendan Rule
Matthew Routley
1130 Overall: 5
MO: 4