Event Result History

Here is a list of event results for Michael Day:

Event Name Date Course Teammate Name(s) Score Category Placings
Traversing the Cauldron 2023-07-08 Course 24hr Ruby Daly
900 Overall: 14
X: 6
Glen Rock Lucky Lantana 2023-06-17 Course Glen Rock Rogaine Carolina Townsend Arellano
Fiona Dalzell
620 Overall: 21
X: 12
Cataract River 24hr Qld Championships 2022-10-29 Course 24hr rogaine Carolina Townsend Arellano
Ruby Daly
650 Overall: 25
X: 16
Shaking the Tamborine 2022-08-13 Course 5hr Rogaine Michael Green
Igor Babaian
Wen Sun
Kylan Finch
510 Overall: 14
M: 6
Mermaid T(r)ail 8hr 2021-05-22 Course 8 hour Yimin Chen
Wen Sun
Ruth Bridges
640 Overall: 38
X: 23
N: 1
27th Australian Rogaining Championship 2006-05-14 Barklys Hope – St Arnaud, Victoria Nicholas Day
Georgina Day
Samuel Day
Suzy Baenziger
130 Overall: 151
X: 63