Event Result History

Here is a list of event results for Rachel Beaden:

Event Name Date Course Teammate Name(s) Score Category Placings
Scarpering on the Escarpment Mini Rogaine 2018-03-25 Course 3hr Minirogaine Courtney Ace
Justin Graham
Anna Beaden
680 Overall: 15
X: 7
Dodge the Divide Rogaine 2017-09-09 Course 24FT Mitchell Lindbeck
Courtney Ace
1920 Overall: 8
XO: 1
Rock Around the Glen 2017-05-27 Course 08FT Mitchell Lindbeck
Anna Beaden
690 Overall: 28
XO: 10
Rogue Raid 2017 2017-04-22 Course 24MS Mitchell Lindbeck
1650 Overall: 30
XO: 6