Event Result History

Here is a list of event results for Stacy Nottle:

Event Name Date Course Teammate Name(s) Score Category Placings
QB Right Royal Rogaine 2011-06-11 Course 06FT5 Judy Rafferty
330 Overall: 34
WO: 5
WV: 3
31st Australian Rogaining Championships 2010-03-28 Snowy Mountains, Providence Portal, ACT Fay Cooney
Jack Nottle
Ellie O’Connell
380 Overall: 148
X: 62
25th Australian Rogaining Championships 2004-07-04 The Black Hill, Flinders Ranges, South Australia Donna O’Connell
Melissa Huestis
290 Overall: 137
W: 12
23rd Australian Rogaining Championship 2002-04-28 NAASTY but CLEAR – Namadgi, ACT Melissa Huestis
390 Overall: 184
WO: 23