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Looking for team or teamates

Hi there, im based on brisbane southside. 35 years old. I'm just starting out so casual is the name of the game. I'm keen for the bunyaville 3hr mini rogaine coming up soon. I'd be happy to form a team! Don't be shy

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QRA Support

Hi James, I’d be happy to tag along if you still don’t have a partner. I’ve done a few so have some idea and happy to take it casual.



Hi Guys, I'm potentially looking for a team mate too. Unless I can convince my 15yr old to put down the devices and get in the 'game'.  Looking at the March 27th training day and 28th hands on session.

Hi Shell, I’d be happy to partner up for the 3 hour on March 28 if you’d like. Good luck with the screen time!

Craig (

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Craig sorry to say I didn't book in time so am only doing the training day on Saturday. But I'd like to put my theory in practice at some point so will try to look ahead for another activity!

Ha all good, time is flying this year. Good luck with the training day! Feel free to get in contact for others throughout the year.