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Newbie hoping Buarabarama will be my 1st race

Hi all

39 yr old male, reasonably fit, does alright with endurance side of things looking for partner or team to take me in and show me the ropes. 6 or 12 hrs is fine. Willing to join another greenhorn if need be to make it happen! Thanks.

Paul Dugan has reacted to this post.
Paul Dugan
  1. Hi all, just updating. Still teamless but still keen ! Hoping for buarabaramba  but maybe next event if can't find a team or partner. Reply here if interested.
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Paul Dugan

Hi Jonathon,

I’m a newbie as well, and I’m interested in entering the 6 or 12 hr.

Let me know if keen still and can look to lock in some planning.

Thanks Paul

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Hey guys keen to join a team for the 12 hour event.

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Paul Duganjonow

Hi Jonathon / Nalana ,

Suggest start a WhatsApp group chat.

My contact number is: 0403 945 098

If want to add me and then we can put a team chat together for it.

look forward to touching base.

Thanks Paul.

Nalana Merannage and jonow have reacted to this post.
Nalana Merannagejonow

Hi Paul and Nalana

Ta for the reply though due to a scheduling issue ( didn't think I'd get a team so now I'm working) unfortunately will be missing out on buarabarama event. Good luck. Next event is Tenterfield 15hr I think?

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