North Queensland Calendar

Update as at 30 March 2024: Due to ongoing wet weather we have had to make changes to the planned schedule of events for this year. Please keep an eye on the Adventure Sport NQ Facebook page for further updates.

DateEventOrganiser / Event TypeEntries


1 June 2024

The Dinden Dirty Dozen
(The Triple D!)
3/6/9 hr Foot Rogaine
 Entries Closed

7 July 2024

Just Bluffin’ RogaineQRA
3/6 hr Foot Rogaine
Entries Open


18 August 2024

Fantin FlitQRA
3/6 hr Foot Rogaine
Entries Open
3 November 2024


Tinaroo PaddlegaineQRA
3/6 hr Foot/Paddle Rogaine

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Information on the permanent NQ training course is here.