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Wild Empress Ida 3-6 Hour bike and hike Rogaine

All levels of fitness and navigation experience catered for and welcome!
When: 8.00am Sunday 5th of August – Organiser: Kirk Morley
Where: Herberton and surrounds.

Event Description
Get your dose of altitude training and stunning views. Wild Empress Ida will include mountain bike, hike and Metrogaine elements. This Rogaine will be situated around the town and surround country of Herberton. This event will utilise the extensive trail network around Herberton.  The course offers easier terrain and navigation for beginners and the less inclined to run around the big hills.  And of course will provide challenging navigation and physically challenging terrain for the fit and experienced navigators as well. This will provide excellent opportunity for those new to Rogaining. The events on offer are a 6hr hike or a 6hr bike, a 6hr hike and bike, and a 3hr hike or a 3hr bike. This Rogaine will also include a metrogaine course within the courses.

Registration and Map Handout
Registration from 7 am, map handout at 7.30am and start at 8.00am for the 6-hour event.
Registration from 10 am, map handout at 10.30am and start at 11.00am for the 3-hour event.
Both events will finish at 2pm, followed by cold drinks, light meal and lucky door prizes (all included in entry fee)

Required Equipment
All teams will need to show you have the mandatory equipment at registration time (whistle, minimum 1 litre water capacity per person [2 or 3 litres recommended], and basic team first aid kit including 2 compression bandages) by bringing it to registration.
Water availability on the course is limited. There are several creeks with water but should not be relied on. Purification tablets are highly recommended.

Race Entry Fees and Closing Date
3 Hour $15, concession $10, Children under 14 $5
6 Hour $20. Concession $15, Children under 14 $10
Entries close August 3rd at 8 PM. Late fees of $10 apply to late entry.

Bring to the Event Checklist

  • map protection (map case, contact or large snap lock bag).
  • Coloured pens, pencils, scissors, highlighter pens, board/table, calculator or anything else you require for map preparation.
  • Full water containers. Please try to be self-sufficient as limited treated water is available at the Hash House.
  • Please bring along plate & cup & a seat to use at the Hash House.

Carry on the Course

Mandatory Equipment

  • You must present this equipment at registration and carry it with you on the course.
  • Whistle (per person)
  • Basic first aid kit (that includes 2 compression bandages and 1 wound dressing as minimum) (per team)
  • Water (1 litre minimum with 2 or 3 recommended)

Highly recommended equipment

  • Sun smart clothing.
  • Gaiters (or sock protectors as a bare minimum) to protect from snake bite and vegetation.
  • Food for the duration of your event and water for the event or to planned water stops.
  • Compass, watch and pencil
  • Mobile phone for emergencies – coverage can be patchy in some areas.

You can enter a new team in this event here:

If you have an existing entry and need to make changes:

For more details, contact the event organiser Kirk Morley by email

Team List

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If you are able to assist us with this event please contact volunteer@qldrogaine.asn.au. You could earn a Volunteer Reward, and some roles will still allow you to compete in the event.