SEQ Rogainer of the Year

The 2023 SEQ Rogainer of the Year competition:

2023 – Final Results – MALE

2023 – Final Results – FEMALE

Results from Previous Years:

YearWinnersFull Results
2023Liam St Pierre and Amanda KoopmanMALE   FEMALE
2022Mark Wilson and Christine PerryMALE   FEMALE
2021Liam St Pierre and Nicole WalkerMALE   FEMALE
2020Leo Theoharis and Kim Beckinsale  MALE   FEMALE
2019Gary Sutherland / Russell Stringer (tie) and Cass Kimlin MALE   FEMALE
2018Liam St Pierre and Christine Perry MALE   FEMALE
2017Liam St Pierre and Kim Beckinsale MALE   FEMALE

Competition Description:

As a way of adding interest and spice to Rogaining Queensland’s SEQ events programme we introduced the SEQ Rogainer of the Year series in 2017.

Details of the points system can be found here and are summarised below:

  • Points are available from all Rogaining Queensland SE Qld events (both QRA and Raid events). The Australian and Australasian Rogaining Championships are also included in the calculations.
  • Points are awarded to individuals, not teams, so you can have different teammates for different events
  • A Member’s best 50 hours of rogaining competition/volunteering count towards their annual score – thus the more events you do the better you are likely to score.
  • Your score from any specific event is based on your result in that event
  • If a short course is offered in conjunction with a longer course, ROTY points for teams in the shorter course will be allocated as if they had earned the same score in the longer course
  • The score available from any course is proportional to the course’s duration – thus the points available from a 24hr event is 8 times the points available from a 3hr event etc
  • For the purposes of the ROTY competition, the Raid 100 will be treated as if its duration was 24 hours
  • If more than one team clears a course, those teams will have their event score adjusted prior to the calculation of ROTY points, with a bonus point added to their score for every minute they finished early
  • If a rogainer cannot compete in an event due to their involvement in organising that event then they get points for that event based on the event’s duration at the points/hour rate of their best competitive event during the series – thus you would normally score better by volunteering than by competing. A maximum of 24 hours of “Volunteer points” are available to any rogainer in a series
  • The Female and Male SEQ Rogainer of the Year will be named at the end of each year