SEQ Rogainer of the Year

The 2019 SEQ Rogainer of the Year competition:

2019 – Final Results – MALE

2019 – Final Results – FEMALE

2018 Results:

2018 – Final Results – MALE

2018 – Final Results – FEMALE

Competition Description:

As a way of adding interest and spice to Rogaining Queensland’s SEQ events programme we introduced the SEQ Rogainer of the Year series in 2017.

Past winners:
2018:    Liam St Pierre and Christine Perry
2017:    Liam St Pierre and Kim Beckinsale

Details of the points system for 2019 can be found here and are summarised below:

  • Points are available from all Rogaining Queensland SE Qld events that use the Navlight scoring system
  • Points are awarded to individuals, not teams, so you can have different teammates for different events
  • A Member’s best 50 hours of rogaining competition/volunteering count towards their annual score – thus the more events you do the better you are likely to score
  • Your score from any specific event is based on your result in that event
  • If a short course is offered in conjunction with a longer course, ROTY points for teams in the shorter course will be allocated as if they had earned the same score in the longer course
  • The score available from any course is proportional to the course’s duration – thus the points available from a 24hr event is 8 times the points available from a 3hr event etc
  • For the purposes of the ROTY competition, the Raid 100 will be treated as if its duration was 24 hours
  • If more than one team clears a course, those teams will have their event score adjusted prior to the calculation of ROTY points, with a bonus point added to their score for every minute they finished early
  • If a rogainer cannot compete in an event due to their involvement in organising that event then they get points for that event based on the event’s duration at the points/hour rate of their best competitive event during the series – thus you would normally score better by volunteering than by competing. A maximum of 24 hours of “Volunteer points” are available to any rogainer in a series
  • The Female and Male SEQ Rogainer of the Year will be named at the end of each year (and will be presented with modest prize)