SEQ Bulletin – February 2020

Lots of great events coming up!
Entries are now open in our Mini Rogaine and Training Day. Planning is also well underway for our 8hr, 6/12hr and 24hr events later in the year. We are still in need of volunteers for some roles though, so please check out the event pages to see where you might be able to help out.
Unfortunately we have had to cancel the Nerangarama 6hr rogaine which had been planned for March, due to difficulty in getting the permits we needed. We were also short of people for several volunteer roles for that event, including land liaison, which contributed to the cancellation. So if you love QRA events, and want to see us continue to deliver a full calendar, please do put up your hand by emailing

Training Day – 4 April
The Qld Rogaine Association invites you to our training day to be held at Bunyaville State Forest just 12km from Brisbane CBD on Saturday 4 April 2020.
The program is aimed at both novice and semi-experienced rogainers. The day will be adapted to the number of participants, and their level of navigation experience. The day will consist of both theory and hands on exercises. Topics to be covered include Navigation, Course Planning, Nutrition and lots more.
The training day will run from 8am until about 1pm. Then you can come the next day to test your skills at the Mini-Rogaine!
Location:  Bunyaville State Forest, approximately 20 min drive NW of Brisbane. Directions to the meeting point will be emailed to you a few days before the event.
Entries are now open!

Mini Rogaine – 5 April
This 3hr event is perfect for beginners, but will also test the endurance and navigation of experienced racers – can you clean up the course and make it back before anyone else??
The event will be held during a great time of the year when the weather is starting to cool off.
A post-event sausage sizzle is included in your entry fee.
Entries are now open!

Bayside Paddlegaine Washup
Congrats to all participants in the Bayside Paddlegaine that was held at Cabbage Tree Point. Although the wind picked up during the day it seems that everyone had a good time. Big thanks to Adam, Paul, Mark, Dan, Blake, Jenny, Julie, Melody, Allan and all of the other volunteers who made it happen! Here’s are some video highlights from one of the drones that was flying over the bay… the other drone had a rather unhappy end when it went for an unscheduled swim! Also check out the Strava Flyby to see where everyone went.
Full results:

Queensland Rogaining Association AGM 
The AGM was held immediately after the Paddlegaine. Big thanks for outgoing Secretary Linda Thompson and outgoing Treasurer Jo Thomae. Jo stays on as our new Vice President, Janelle Schafer is our new Treasurer and Peter Blyton joins the executive as Secretary. Thanks to all our committee volunteers!

2020 Australasian Rogaining Championships – 9/10 May 2020
This year’s championship event will be held near Burra in South Australia, not far from the famous Clare and Barossa wine regions. Like all Australasian Champs, it is open to everyone to enter, you certainly don’t need to be an elite rogainer. It will be a great event, as always, so put it in your calendar and make your plans! 

Here is a great article on the background to the event:

For more information and entries check out the event page.

Are you a University student? Want a free trip to South Australia to do a rogaine?!
The Australian Intervarsity Champs will be held in conjuction with the 2020 ARC on 9/10 May in South Australia, and as usual there will be sponsorship for one Qld university team to have their travel costs paid to represent the state at the event. Email to express interest.

In 2020, entries for each of the QRA-run events will not open until the organiser of each event is satisfied that they have enough helpers to run the event. Has it been a while since you’ve given up the chance to compete, and put up your hand to help? Have a look at the calendar and pick an event to give volunteering a go. You’ll have a great time and learn a lot in the process. As a rule of thumb, if you’ve competed in 5 events without giving up the chance to compete and volunteer, it’s time you helped out. QRA is completely run by volunteers, and we do need all members (that’s you! i.e. anyone who has participated in a rogaine!) to pitch in to help run our events.
Each QRA event has a Volunteer Grid on the event page which shows the roles we need to fill before entries can open. Email to enquire about roles and/or put your hand up. Check out the event calendar here.
As a volunteer you can claim your expenses, which includes a generous per-kilometre rate for your own car usage, food and budget accommodation while course setting, etc. There is information on volunteering here and lots of resources here.
Volunteers at QRA or Raid Adventures events who have contributed at least a full day to an event and have given up their opportunity to compete are offered a $50 credit towards entry in a QRA or Raid Adventures event of their choosing within the following 12 months. A list of people who have earned rewards is on the website. The reward can be claimed by ticking the appropriate box when entering an event. 
Thanks for your assistance!

Rogaining Gear 
Another article on rogaining gear this month, this time featuring WRC runner-up Tane Cambridge:

Hydration and Dealing with the Heat
Tristan White from NSWRA continues his series on general rogaining topics with this feature on heat and hydration, featuring contributions from the Sunshine State:

Questgaines and Night Nav
These 1-hour mini-rogaines can be done as individuals or in a group, and best of all, they’re free! For updates on when Questgaine will be starting up again, check out the Facebook Page. Also check out the OQ Night Nav events.

Individual Rogaining Results
You can look up any individual’s historical results in QRA events since 2010 and all of the ARCs going back to 1979:

For information on all upcoming MTBO, please visit

Rogaining around the world…
The next European Rogaining Championships will be held in Latvia on 6-7 June 2020. 
The 2020 World Rogaining Championships will be held in the Sierra Nevada range in California on 1-2 August, entries are open. 
The 2022 WRC will be held in the Czech Republic.

…and across Australia…
A list of all upcoming interstate rogaines can be found at

Rogaining Stories
We’re always keen to hear from QRA members about your rogaining or other outdoor experiences. Please share your stories by posting on the wall of the official QRA Facebook page, and join the Adventure Racing and Rogaining Qld group. Don’t forget to ‘like’ our Facebook page. If you would like to share some news, send it to and we will post it. 

Hope to see you at an event soon.
Paul Guard
QRA Communications

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