SEQ Bulletin – October 2022

In this bulletin:

  • Next event – ‘Looking for Cataracts’ 24hr / Roving 15hr Rogaine – 29 & 30 Oct
  • 2023 Event Calendar
  • Volunteering Opportunities
  • Results – Krankin’ Round Killarney Cyclegaine
  • Results – Australasian Rogaining Championships
  • Urban Rogue – 25 Nov – entries open
  • Tasmanian Rogaining Championships – 5 & 6 Nov

Next event – ‘Looking for Cataracts’ 24hr / Roving 15hr Rogaine – 29 & 30 Oct
It’s less than two weeks until the ‘Looking for Cataracts’ QLD Rogaining Championship 24hr / roving 15hr event on the last weekend in October!
The event is based in the historical gold mining areas centred around the Cataract River, and the event organisers have uncovered some interesting history on the area.
IMPORTANT: – Whilst we may have sneaked just south of the Border into NSW, us Queenslanders don’t understand daylight saving, therefore the entire weekend will be run on Queensland time (AEST).
NSW rogainers are most welcome to join us – and you even get an extra hour to sleep-in.
Map handout 09:00 Saturday morning (QLD time, AEST), see you there!

2023 Event Calendar
Rogaining Queensland is excited to announce the event calendar for 2023 – which events will we see you at?

  • 5 Feb – Paddlegaine
  • 15 Apr – Training Day
  • 16 Apr – Mini Rogaine – *event organiser needed*
  • 17 June – 6/12hr Rogaine – *event organiser needed*
  • 8 July – 15/24hr Rogaine – *event organiser needed*
  • 2 Sept – Cyclegaine – *event organiser needed*
  • 28 Oct – Metrogaine

Volunteering Opportunities
Have you organised a rogaine, set a course, created an event map or hung rogaine flags before?
Volunteering at rogaine events is one of the best ways to improve your rogaining skills, and is a great way to give back to your navigation sports community.
Our events can’t happen without your support, and we are seeking volunteers so that we can bring a full calendar of events to you in 2023.
If you are interested in volunteering, please get in touch with us at:

Results – Krankin’ Round Killarney Cyclegaine
Congratulations to all participants in the Krankin’ Round Killarney Cyclegaine held on 17 Sept.
A huge thanks to Susie, Gavin, Craig and all of the other volunteers that made the event possible.
See the event results and event photos.

Results – Australasian Rogaining Championships
Congratulations to all participants in the Australasian Rogaining Championships that were held in the Pyrenees ranges in Victoria on 8 & 9 Oct.
The Queensland contingent put in a strong effort and enjoyed the challenging course, which was very technical and very physically demanding (lots of hills!). The event was won overall by David Baldwin and Julie Quinn from the ACT, with David Williams and Ronnie Taib from NSW in second place and Ivan Koudashev and Xanda Kolesnikow from NSW in third. Here are the results of the Queenslanders:

  • 7th 2580pts Paul Guard (QRA), Amanda Koopman (QRA). 3rd Mixed
  • 9th 2490pts Mitch Nissen (QRA), Brock Hawke (QRA). 5th Mens
  • 10th 2290pts Richard Robinson (QRA), Tamsin Barnes (QRA). 4th Mixed
  • 19th 1960pts Mitchell Quinn (QRA), James Hardcastle (QRA). 10th Mens
  • 40th 1420pts Melody De Laat (QRA), Allan Bourke (QRA). 15th Mixed Vets
  • 43rd 1370pts Kerrie Gagel (QRA), Alex Gagel (QRA). 17th Mixed Vets
  • 49th 1320pts Jon Smith (QRA), Mike Broadbent (SARA). 5th Mens Super Vets
  • 50th 1310pts Mark Murray (QRA), Dave Collins (QRA). 11th Mens Vets
  • 55th 1220pts Hamish Dixon (QRA), Morag Stewart (QRA). 28th Mixed
  • 66th 1020pts Sue Clarke (QRA), Walter Kelemen (QRA). 2nd Mixed Ultra Vets
  • 80th 740pts Georgia Forster (QRA), Thomas Oulie (QRA), Maddy Smeaton (QRA). 3rd Intervarsity
  • 87th 510pts Janelle Schafer (QRA), Michael Schafer (QRA). 11th Mixed Super Vets

Big thanks to the volunteers from the Victorian Rogaining Association for putting on a superb event in very challenging weather conditions. Here is a link to the full results:

Urban Rogue – 25 Nov – entries open
The 10th edition of the Urban Rogue is on in just over a month, so get your team together to explore the Friday night lights of Brisbane city!
The word on the street is that there has been a little shake up of the map for this year’s race. Entries are open, so come be part of the last (and one of the largest) rogaines of the year.

Tasmanian Rogaining Championships – 5 & 6 Nov
Now that the Australasian Rogaining Championships are over (and what a terrific event!), Rogaining Tasmania would love to have some Qld rogainers at the Tasmanian Rogaining Championships next full moon in early November. Come for the rogaine, stay a little longer for the oysters and bushwalks.

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