SEQ Bulletin – September 2022

In this bulletin:

  • Killarney Cyclegaine – 17 Sept
  • Killarney MTBO – 18 Sept
  • Cataract River 15/24hr Rogaine – 29-30 Oct – entries open
  • Urban Rogue – 25 Nov – entries open
  • Australasian Rogaining Championships – 8-9 Oct

Killarney Cyclegaine – 17 Sept
With less than a week until the Krankin’ Round Killarney Cyclegaine, the race organisers are watching the skies! There has been some rain over the course however no matter what mother nature throws at us the race will go ahead!
The course has been modified slightly due to damage from floods in April however for those of you challenging yourselves to sweep the course you will still have to ride hard. If you are opting for a more leisurely ride you will have some nice hills close to town from where you can enjoy beautiful views and look out for the cute newborn lambs and calves playing in the paddocks.
Spring has arrived on the Downs, grass is starting to grow after a frosty winter and the birds are nesting. Yes, keep an eye out for swooping magpies.
Entries are now closed.
For those who entered for the April event, please check your entry and if you’d like to change, add or delete any items you can do so at “change entry”.
After the event join your fellow competitors in the quaint old Spring Creek Café hall at HQ and enjoy the delicious meal supplied by Meaghan and her team. You can purchase a ticket when you enter or if already entered at “change entry”.

Killarney MTBO – 18 Sept
After the long distances of the Saturday Cyclegaine why not wind it back a notch and try a sprint length event around the quiet streets of Killarney. The MTBO Club will have 3 line courses and a scatter course set-up to try your urban bike nav. You can ride solo, with your cyclegaine team or in a family group. The target time for each course length will be around 25min, so you’ll have plenty of time after the event to enjoy the Killarney sights. For all the info and to enter online head over to the event page in Eventor.
Need a mapboard for the cyclegaine or MTBO? You can hire one at the Cyclegaine registration desk for $10 per board or you can buy a MIRY board for $145 from Craig Steffens on the day or in advance. Contact –

Cataract River 15/24hr Rogaine – 29-30 Oct – entries open
This event has been postponed numerous times since 2020 due to COVID and then at the request of the NSW forestry commission due to flooding.
There has been an amazing 1.4m of rain fall on this area this calendar year up to end of August alone! No doubt all the waterfalls are fully flowing (we’ve counted at least 10 on the course).
The Cataract River (which dissects the Rogaine map) has only recently fallen to below 1m depth and as the temperatures begin to rise, we feel we are now able to finally host this 24 / 15 hour event.
Participants can expect spectacular scenery through forests and cleared farmland. Much of the course is on private land, such as this waterfall pictured, which cascades 10m over a sheer drop. The entire region is an old mining area and mining shafts, workings and smelters from the old tin and silver mines are scattered across the course, making for fascinating distractions during the event!
The “Looking for Cataracts” Rogaine will appeal to those who are after a physical and navigational challenge as much as those who want to explore a stunningly beautiful location. As a bonus, the Hash House has flushing toilets and hot showers. Don’t miss this one!
Entries are open at:

25 Nov – Urban Rogue – entries open
The Urban Rogue is set to return, now in its tenth year: a 3 hour metrogaine in the heart of the Brisbane CBD! Come experience the city Friday night lights, where you and up to four other team mates will navigate to collect as many check points as possible in a 3 hour time limit.
The word on the street is that there is a bit of a change up in the map this year. For teams that have raced in the past, you can look forward to exploring some new areas around Brisbane!
Entries are open at:

8-9 Oct – Australasian Rogaining Championships
Victoria will host the Australasian Rogaining 24hr Championships on 8-9th October 2022. There is also a 6 hour non-championship rogaine held on Saturday 8th October.
We have a strong contingent of QLD rogainers who will be competing, and we wish them all the best!
For all the event details, and to place your team’s entry, see

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