Team List

Team list for the 6hr event:

Team No. Team Name Names Category
1 Don’t call Joan Skippy Jeff Hodder, Joan Cleary, Jess Keane X
2 Bonus Distance Adam Brodie, Jin Kato M
3 ghan Anne Newman, Graeme Hill XUV
4 We have a babysitter (yay!) Melanie Triffitt, Bryon Merzeo XV
5 House of Phillips Monique Phillips, Alexander Phillips, Charlotte Phillips X, F
6 Wandering Wombats Amy Bradbury, Billy Agland X
7 Wicking through the Marshes Andrew Renwick, Peter Marshman MV
8 Keane to Learn Vanessa Cullen, Jason Keane XV
9 Lone Lee No More Lee Lowe, Jonathon Lowe X
10 Skink Brendan Walsh, Lynn Stanway XSV
Number of teams: 10
Number of participants: 22