Team List

Team list for the 12hr Autumngaine event:

Team No. Team Name Names Category
4 Scrubrunners Mark Hurry, Ron Hutchings MSV
5 FalconStreet John Bishop, John Biddiscombe MUV
6 NiDo Dom Pitot, Nihal Danis XSV
7 MargnRob Marg Cook, Rob Cook XSV
10 Fighting Mongooses Adrienne Kalmar, Brendan Woods, Theuy Nging X
12 The Lost Boys Wendy Emerton, Holly Inglis W
13 Blister Sisters Katherine Cameron, Allie Blackwell, Natalie Ganderton, Rebecca Boyd W
15 Carley and Jim Jim Collier, Carley Finn XV
16 BMX Bandits Paul Olsen, Ben Cirulis MV
17 Mike & Ted Ted Woodley, Mike Ward MUV
18 Diesel Plus Jason Hollard, Andrew Powell MV
22 Vonhubens Mark Vonhuben, Amy Vonhuben, Carl Vonhuben X, F
23 Novices Ian Almond, Jennifer Almond XSV
24 Kamikaze Geoffrey Barnes, Phil Mann MV
26 Mox Colleen Mock, Colin Mock XUV
27 Vode An Sam Beverly, Dannielle Cahill X
28 3 part gun, 1 part gone Malachi Donoghue, Ross Donoghue, Eli Donoghue, Matthew Clark M, F, N
31 Ami and Pete Peter Brady, Amireh Amirmazaheri XV
Number of teams: 18
Number of participants: 42