Team List

Team list for the 5 hour event:

Team No. Team Name Names Category
1 The Lost Olivers Chris Oliver, Michael Oliver M
3 Spiderbait Nick Greenhalgh, Cath Ponton XV
4 monkey Dust Remy Goodrich, Edward Colyer M, N
5 Midnight stalkers Sandra Thomas, Phillip Harding XV
6 The Mountain Ghosts Giles Peach, Moira Peach X, F
9 Daddy where's my Chainsaw Ross Donoghue, Malachi Donoghue, Eli Donoghue, Samiah Donoghue X, F
10 Do you know who I am?? Marg Cook, Rob Cook XSV
12 Primal Adventure Glenn Disalvia, Brylee Disalvia X, F
16 The Silence of the Rogaines Mathew Collin, Nikolay Nikolaev M
17 Aaaah Team Ainsley Pahljina, Anthony Ricci X23
19 NIGHT STALKERS Rick Pinnock, Phil Yates MSV
22 The Exorcise-ists Glenn Downey, David Turner MSV
23 PO Box 222 Lisa Gyecsek, Monica Wong, Meela Davis WV
25 Four more years of Donald Trump Roderick Smith, Mary Lehane XV
26 Moonlight psychopaths Roman Charles, Aurelien Penneman M
27 Can't Think of a Scary Team Name Ted Woodley, John Anderson MUV
33 Extra Spooky Joe Walsh, Lynn Stanway, Brendan Walsh X
36 Maximum Adventure Gary Farebrother, Geff Harper MV
39 Ghoulish Girls Kerrie Murphy, Helen Cox W
40 In the bush no one can hear you whistle. Adrian Plaskitt, David Beardmore MV
42 Devils Cove Trotters Melissa Robertson, Steven Mcdonald X
43 109 Melba Drive Michael Weller, Michael Atteya, Gideon Atteya, Monty Weller M
44 Night Stalkers Ross Barker, Pierre Francois M
45 Mr Potato Head Robin Cameron, Robin Cameron, Michael Minehan XSV
46 screechie Robert Montgomery, Tracy Phillips XV
47 UTSOAC Trench Feet Salome Hussein, Adam Black, Claire Ayling, James Carr, Angelo Rossi X
48 BOOO!! Pam Montgomery, Ann Montgomery WV
49 Frickin Ray-zor Beams Justin Raymond, Margie Raymond XV
50 Beating around in the bush Peter Mcconaghy, Tim Mcconaghy M
51 Hawkesbury Fitness Tova Gallagher, Michelle Fewings W
52 Silence of the lamps Dana Pascovici, Richard Stone, Christiana Stone, Andrew Stone X
53 Novocastrian Sanguinarians Jason Hollard, Jemima Hollard X
54 Shiver down The Spur Elizabeth Woodgate, Wendy Andrews WV
57 Blood curdling horrors in Hornsby Stacey Bryce, Mike Ward XSV
58 Exceed Jason Roberts, Jane Wardlaw X
61 Ugly Cadavers Rhett Doyle, Frank Boys MSV
63 Deadly Earnest Graham Field, Nicole Collings X
64 big hairy spiders Andrew Pope, Belinda Pope, Nicholas Pope, Shaun Pope X, F
66 Wasn't there 3 of them? Dan Jenkins, Mark Mcintosh M
67 Positively Frightful Jess Baker, Richard Green X
68 Fiends Mary Fien, Georgianna Fien WV
69 The Bushwalking Dead Peter Watterson, Tess Watterson X
71 The night terrors Jim Collier, Carley Finn XV
75 Serving Sly Pig Stuart Butler, Nigel Cunningham MV
77 Dark Whispers Hugh Stodart, Jamie Stodart M, F
78 #wemetontinder Mark Roberts, Ellen Braybon X
80 Tigers of Deadliness Lee Coady, Lachlan Coady, Levi Coady M, F
83 LBTM Sam Parkinson, Bryce Matheson M
85 Shadow Demons Adrian Whatmore, Alison Begg XV
86 The wifi is down Josephine Roper, Lucinda Roper, Courtney Darville W
91 kosolapiy Oleg Koudashev, Ivan Koudashev M
93 S&N Nadezhda Koudashev, Svetlana Koudasheva, Olga Koudasheva W, F
95 The night is dark and full of terrors Tim Keighley, Andrew Mcrae M
97 Beroera Bush Zommbies Jeff Hodder, Joan Cleary, Simon Monk XV
99 Grunt Life Shay O'callaghan, Cameron Schulte M, N
Number of teams: 55
Number of participants: 128