Team List

Team list for the 3 Hour Hike event:

Team No. Team Name Names Category
1 Lenus Lena O'brien, Neilus O'brien X, N
3 Out of Time Bruce Monds, Kath Mcfarlane XV
6 Directionally Challenged Hayley Foruria, Mikayla Foruria, Alainah Oats, Melinda Gusmeroli W
7 The Protractors Adam Hakim, Toby Bartle, Keegan Gusmeroli M, N
8 Lost runners Jenny Damon, Joanne Van Gorp W, N
12 lost at 1 Andy Way, Kayla Henley X
13 Not Sure Carl Boundy, Michele Boundy X
17 dutoit's Charlyne Du Toit, Frans Du Toit XSV, N
Number of teams: 8
Number of participants: 19