Team List

Team list for the 6hr Rogaine event:

Team No. Team Name Names Category
1 No Roads Mark Howell, Neil Mackenzie, Matt Shields MV
2 Lost Control Toni Bachvarova, Andrew Smith XV
3 Rock Hard Churros Sebastian Klich, Andrea Lopez X
4 The Lost Olivers Michael Oliver, Chris Oliver M
5 God is kind Anne Newman, Lynne Trappel WSV
6 Meanderers Michael Brungs, Cecilia Brungs XUV
7 Wombats a willing Caterina Kim, Lydia Chen, Florence Lui W
8 dougson Jean Douglass, Ron Simpson XSV
9 North West Ian Cameron, David Lyle MSV
10 The Only Way Is Up Kim Eales, Nick Eales XV
11 declination what? Michael Law, Bootsara Chollatarn, Nick Newton XV
12 Wollemi doing? Tim Barrett, Jo Hatton XV
13 BrackOne Mark Brackenreg, Ellen Brackenreg, Rachael Brackenreg X
14 BrackTwo Nicole Brackenreg, Kate Brackenreg W
15 BrackThree Shannon Harris, Craig Brown M, N
16 We'll follow Yoda Elizabeth Woodgate, Kerrie Murphy, Wendy Andrews WV
17 JoStAn Stephen Lewis, John Dale MV
18 Booth Family Ted Booth, Jocelyn Booth, Keo Booth, Sonny Booth X, F
19 Poppys pal Grant Elliott, Michael Elliott M
20 The Old and New Kristin Young, Alice Simpson-young W
21 Team Tommy Bjorn Mella, Tommy Mella M, F
22 The Young Ones Oskar Mella, Oliver Freeman M23
23 Mulleykins Robert Mulley, Lucia Mulley, Zane Mulley X, F
24 CHCECE003 Dylan Jones, Mic Rofe, Owain Williams M, N
25 Not all who wander are lost Jonathan Worswick, Glenn Horrocks MV
26 Walkalots Rick Pinnock, Ron Avery MSV
27 The Thomas Trekkers Kate Thomas, David Thomas, Willoughby Thomas, Audrey Thomas X, F, N
28 The Snowy Two Jeremy Henson, Ethan Henson M, F
29 Friends Sandra Kelley, Peter Farrell XSV
30 Back Trackers Peter Tuckwell, Jenny Clark, Joe Champion, Sue Yoo XSV
31 Walker Family Robert Walker, Cathryn Walker, Elizabeth Walker, Amelia Walker X
32 navigating new beginnings Louise Brooks, Joanne Love XV
33 Doyle Boys Rhett Doyle, Frank Boys MV
34 Too old dudes Warwick Selby, Gordon Wilson MUV
35 Southern Sloggers Leigh Johnston, Colin Campbell MSV
36 The fowlbirds Gill Fowler, Jeremy Fowler X
Number of teams: 36
Number of participants: 87