Team List

Team list for the Socialgaine 2019 event:

Team No. Team Name Names Category
1 I be pro fun for all Chris Stevenson, Julian Ledger, John Clancy MSV
2 Carrolls Nicholas Carroll, Alexander Carroll M,F
3 Billies Bushies Newbies Rebecca Boyd, Kylee Mexsom W
4 Team 626-34 Sam Parkinson, Kyte Gurner, Bryce Matheson M
5 Two Darwin Crocs Annie Whybourne, Dan Baschiera XSV
6 PHS Old Boys Andrew Geelen, Robert Corcoran, Stephen Finn, James Moon, Simon Porter M
7 Sal & Derreck Sandra Thomas, Phillip Harding XV
8 handinhand John Anderson, Kath Anderson XUV
9 Yippee ki yay mother-runners Roger Leigh, Jacqueline Leigh XSV
10 The Gal Gasbaggers Nicole Sellin, Sharyn Robins WV
11 All the Ladies #2 Brook Martin, Tanya Carroll, Natacha Tan WV
12 All the Ladies #1 Nicole Burke, Karen Mcmorrow, Emma Brown, Pia O’connor W
13 Dad-gaine Alex Kroon, Alex Kroon M23
14 Mox Colleen Mock, Colin Mock XUV
15 Dynamic Duo Steven Roberts, Callum Roberts M
16 Smelly Socks Philip Coote, Aivy Coote, Jemima Coote, Tristan Coote X, F
17 BLT Hideko Yamamoto, Peter Huang, Gordon Xue X
18 The Bushwhackers Ruth Jaffit, Arnold Alvarenga X, N
19 Team Kerin Conrad Kerin, Fiona Kerin, Amelie Kerin, William Kerin X, F
20 red thing points north, hey? S H, Anne T WV
21 Andrew Renwick, Andrew Graham M
22 Trailblazers Caroline Wilson, Elisa Jeffery, Colm Connolly, Alex Duffy X, N
23 Too Old Dudes Warwick Selby, Gordon Wilson MUV
24 Just For Fun Luke Neander, Huw Ap Rees MV
25 Lost and Found Mirella Carr, Andrew Carr X
26 Justin Stafford Justin Stafford, Samantha Howe X
27 Woodchips John Le Carpentier, Ted Woodley MUV
28 Eales Kim Eales, Nick Eales XV
29 HAD Anthony Dowle, Hugo Dowle M, F
30 On the buses Anne Newman, Chris Jackson X23
31 Haven’t we Fien here already? Mary Fien, Georgianna Fien WV
32 12 Degrees Jess Kirkham, Anna Hopwood, Di Clancy WV
33 Brogaining Chris Chan, Jamie Simpson M
34 Capital Effort Michelle Cochrane, Tim Cochrane X
35 Belrose Bicycles Chad Armstrong, Ryan Armstrong MV
36 Bushbashers James Stuart, Vicki Bennett XV
37 The Little Ones Oliver Nawrot, Lanying Zhang X, N
38 Canucks Stephen Mckay, Sally Mckay XSV
39 Furbees Davina King, Pete King, Kate Carroll, Casper Kneprath X, F, N
40 MargnRob Marg Cook, Rob Cook XSV
41 The Brainy Bunch Cooper Horley, Tshinta Hopper X23
42 Team T Tim Giles, Tim Butcher MV
43 Community of Believers 2 Adrian Watson, Brendan Cussack M
44 Carley & Jim Jim Collier, Carley Finn XV
45 Found through Partner Finder Nicole Mealing, Armands Teteris X
46 unimaginative team name Lee Coady, Anne Bennett XV
47 Lost Cause Doke Marie, Allison Lilley, Jochen Hess XV
48 Are we there yet? Simon Monk, Kristen Mccormick, Georgia Monk, Lewis Monk, Julia Monk X, F
49 Sado and Macho Stacey Bryce, Mike Ward XSV
50 Let’s go bush bashing again! Roman Charles, Aurelien Penneman M
51 We’re gonna cheat Jesse Morley, Crystal Pettit X
52 Maximum Adventure Gary Farebrother, Geff Harper, Richard Furlong, Adam Carter MV
53 Two Hawkes Rose-anne Hawkeswood, Hannah Hawkeswood W, F
54 Control Freaks Glenn Horrocks, Tristan White M
55 CMW Ladies Robyn Nutley, Margaret Waugh, Gail Phillips WSV
56 mees and me Adrian Plaskitt, Lizzy Mee, Evie Mee X, F
57 The dogged walkers Melissa Grant, Penny Field WSV
58 Augustus’ Army Mark Lusher, Arthur Lusher M, F
59 Philix Phillip Tingle, Felix Gifford M
60 M&M Matt Cramp, Maggie Garnett X23, N
61 East Side Sophie Mckay, Bradley De Domizio X23
62 E and R Eric Smith, Ron Junghans MUV
63 Mount Brooner Andrew Brown, Richard Mountstephens M
64 Macrodosers Sophie Keeffe, Austen Pepper X, N
65 Never Eat Soggy Weetbix Gavin Jones, Sarah Jones, Martin Dearnley X
66 The Incorrigibles Thais Turner, Laslo Korpa XSV
67 MIH Keith Morris, Isaac Morris, Hayden Morris M, F
68 GWS Ian Gray, Fran Wilson XV
69 Fowlbirds Gill Fowler, Jeremy Fowler X
70 CMW Martin Slade, Trevor Carr MUV
71 russells Paul Russell, Rachel Russell X
72 The Shufflers Lucy Vowels, Kirsty Mackay-fisher, Ann-maree Carruthers WV
73 Community of Believers Thomas Schipilliti, Andrew Stanford MV
74 Wait, but why? Glenn Downey, David Turner MSV
75 The VonSchnitzels Michael Ramsay, Allan Ramsay M
76 The Explorers David Noble, Rebecca Noble X
77 Gee Whizzers Melissa Robertson, Kel Murphy, Elizabeth Maughan W
78 Disorienteers Amanda Mackie, Hamish Mackie XV
79 Stakhanovites Marcus Strom, Samantha Hensman XV
80 ELAREL Robert Vincent, Lewis Vincent, Linda Vincent X
81 Bruce, Trev & Fred Trevor Gollan, Peter Watterson, Bruce Borchardt MSV
82 Weary Platypus John Bulman, Chris Frain MV
83 Green with envy Richard Green, Cameron Green M, F
84 TNT Yeeters Joshua Stacey, Suzanne Stacey, Owen Stacey, Aidan Stacey X, F
85 TB Mini Movers David Bristow, Amelia Bristow, Holly Bristow, Charlotte Bristow X
86 Miss Taken, Mr Turn, & Insp. Map Sharon Lambert, David Green, Peter Hopper XV
87 Team Spink Corey Spink, Edith Spink X, F
88 CalebAndCharlie Andy Macqueen, Caleb Jones, Charlie Llewelyn X, F
89 Sole Sisters Karen Jameyson, Anne Minogue WSV
90 The Wandering Quandary Pauline Evans, Tom Buckle XUV
91 Hues van Netten’em Bert Van Netten, Robert Van Huestead MUV
92 Combing the woods Anita Bickle, Dianne Winchcombe WV
93 Control Contourers Neil Chappell, Sue Beric XUV
94 Duerden Family Andrew Duerden, Karen Duerden XV
95 am to pm we will go Ann Montgomery, Pam Montgomery WV
96 Whomever Maureen Fitzpatrick, Rob Bradley XV
97 4 of Hartes Barry Harte, Linda Harte, Finn Harte, Thomas Harte X, F
98 A to B Rebecca Parsons, Anjali Grover W
99 All Who Wander Are Not Lost Lindsay Young, Judy Young, Alex Young X
100 Magic Number Kerrie Murphy, Helen Cox WV
101 Team Gel Louise Gee, Steve Purnell X
102 Wayward Raywards Duncan Rayward, Anna Rayward, Will Rayward, Bella Rayward, Hamish Rayward X, F
103 Couples therapy Anthony Ricci, Ainsley Pahljina X23
104 The Lazy Lizards Daniel Veryard, Vincent Benezech, Nicolas Duthilleul M
105 Middlebrooks Marty Middlebrook, Michaela Middlebrook, Anica Middlebrook, Coco Middlebrook X, F
106 A tint of ginger Patrick Nolan, Tatiana Prokofyeva, Lucas Nolan X
107 12345689 Ivan Koudashev, Ivan Koudashev M23
108 Team Name * Rick Cavicchioli, Tassia Kolesnikow XV
109 Team Tiggers Jeroen Tietema, Jo Daly X, N
110 TrailSurfers Camille Grand, Chloe Kesmarky, Eric Vanpeperstraete X, N
Number of teams: 110
Number of participants: 269