Team List

Team list for the Metrogaine 2020 event:

Team No. Team Name Names Category
1 Disorienteers Grace Mackie, Benjamin Hanley X
2 Hollydale Dale Thompson, Holly Inglis W
3 Augustus Army Mark Lusher, Arthur Lusher M, F
4 Snowbee Doo's Jeremy Henson, Ethan Henson, Raquel Henson, Tali Henson X, F
5 Team KPO Steve Hunter, Emily Hunter X, F
6 The Pansies James Hayward, Michelle Hayward XV
7 Here we go (Ro)gain Eloise Littlejohns, Jodie Day, Toby Schulze, Ruth Grall X
8 Two Lanky Lads Tom Joss, James Mcquillan M
9 New Directions Russell Blatchford, Cathy Walker XV
10 Castle-brag Liam Hogan, Alex Roberts XV
11 will we be ever yay! Pam Montgomery, Ann Montgomery WV
12 Wyvern John Bishop, Karen Hunt XUV
13 Too old dudes Warwick Selby, Gordon Wilson MUV
14 Nathan Kulinitsch Nathan Kulinitsch, Alexander Kulinitsch, Ashton Kulinitsch M, F
15 The dogged walkers Melissa Grant, Penny Field WSV
16 Still Waiting for Brett Phillip Smyth, Simon Nash MV
17 Hawkesbury Fitness Tova Gallagher, Ajay Gallagher X, F
18 on the buses Anne Newman, Daniel Tiyce XSV
19 Kaplan Dani Kaplan, Stephen Kaplan XV
Number of teams: 19
Number of participants: 43