Vale Mike Coleman

Rogaining in particular and adventure sports in general lost one of our great stalwarts at the weekend with the sudden passing of Mike Coleman at age 70 following a brain aneurism.

Mike was a key driver behind the development and growth of rogaining in North Queensland. He was involved in the organisation of many rogaining and other adventure sports events in NQ over many years. Whilst Mike was well assisted in these endeavours by broader group of adventure and navigation sport enthusiasts his energy was often central to the many successes that were achieved.

When I first met Mike in person in 2009 it was very clear that one of his key ambitions was to organise an Australian Rogaining Championships in North Queensland. That ambition was realised 2013 with an event that really was one of the great navigators’ courses we have had for an ARC over the past three decades. Again there was a large group of NQ rogainers involved but Mike’s drive and enthusiasm was the fundamental energy that made the event. Disappointingly the number of competitors was much lower than the quality of the event deserved.

In 2013, Mike won the Outstanding Achievement (Individual) award at the Queensland Outdoor Recreation Federation Awards, recognising the significance of his contribution to the development of adventure sport in North Queensland.

Mike’s great contribution to our sport will long be fondly remembered by those of us privileged to have known him. He will be sorely missed, but he leaves behind a wonderful legacy.

The thoughts of the entire rogaining community are with Mike’s family and friends at this sad time.

Richard Robinson

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