Event Briefing Notes This contains the mandatory information to be read out at the start of an event and should be expanded for each event.
Expense Claim Form To be used for claiming a financial reimbursement from QRA. Alternatively, you can fill in this spreadsheet and send it to treasurer@qldrogaine.asn.au
Final Instructions Template Template for creating final instructions to be sent to team leaders prior to an event.
Indemnity Form Template Template Indemnity form to be used at an event. All competitors must sign the indemnity form prior to issue of maps.
QRA Letterhead Template Template document containing the QRA letterhead. To be used when generating official QRA communications.
Risk Management Template Template risk management plan for use at an event. Should be distributed to emergency services prior to the event.
Search and Rescue Plan Template Template search and rescue plan for use at an event. Accompanies the risk management plan.
QRA Accident Incident Form Accident incident form for use at an event.
Sample Planning Schedule Sample planning schedule indicating the timeframes that particular activities should be completed during event organisation.
Training Day Template Template training day agenda and course outline.